Letter to Meathaus: Stargods

Letter to Meathaus: Stargods

The Star Gods sent Meathaus a package from far Vancouver with two fantastical zines, Binaries and Mid-night Tongue and a note:

“Hey Sweet Meathouse! Thought you might like these… Thanks. Morgan + Daniel.”

Thanks letter writing pals! These zines are finely created and their evidently extensive efforts deserve contemplation with a stiff drink besides a radiating winter fire.

Morgan Young and Daniel Giantomaso individually are Primitive Feathers and Star Gods and as a collaboration are White Swallows, an artistic team creating exacting ink drawings in a stark black and white 1980s-art-deco-revival-revival in a deviant robotic sex club in the year 2080 kind of way. They are responsible for the existence of Mid-night Tongue.

Nathan Jones is Witchpit, and is half of the collaborative team behind the invertible reversible zine full of monstrous creatures, Binaries, also co-created by Star Gods.

Get your Star Gods Press zines and buttons over this way.

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