Letter to Meathaus: Kus

Letter to Meathaus: Kus

Meathaus received a package from Riga with some postcards and kuš! the Baltic comics anthology postcard sized comic book and a note that reads:

“Hey Meathaus! We got you a present for Comicsmas. Hope you learn something about female secrets. Your readers may buy a copy here. Best wishes from Latvia! kuš!

This is great, secrets and female secrets make for great stories and I should make a special note to readers that this 162 page full color comic book sells for $12 with free shipping to USA mainland, and there are many more issues too. This particular issue has familiar names to Meathaus readers including Inés Estrada, Angie Wang, Mickey Zacchilli, Kris Mukai, and more international artists that are worth exploring, check out the list with website links here.

kuš! also blogspots and tumblrs.

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