Daily Drawing

Chris McD Daily Drawing Dump

Chris McD Daily Drawing Dump

OK so happy new year to you and so on and so forth. 2012 looks a’ight thus far from my perspective. One thing I am doing is some sit-ups so I am going to get those rock hard whatever muscles. Secondly, I am doing Daily Drawings and spamming all my internet channels with both the .jpg results and a time-lapse process video set to music and all packaged with some sweet little graphics that I repurposed from my business card. Although I routinely take advantage of posting my own stuff here on meathaus, I don’t feel like posting my daily drawing on here every day makes good sense. This blog has developed into a “neat stuff” blog over the years that works when it is mainly about neat stuff that excites myself and the other authors here enough to share with you, with only a smaller percentage of the posts being news about or promotion of our own regular meathaus associates. My solution is to take a weekly daily drawing dump on meathaus. So here it is. Above are the first three drawings that started in my sketchbook and then finished up digitally. Below is a youtube playlist of the first three time-lapse drawing videos.

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