Letter to Meathaus: Michelle Chrzanowski

Letter to Meathaus: Michelle Chrzanowski

OK so Michelle Chrzanowski sent this stuffed package to Meathaus and a letter which reads:

“Dear Meathaus, This is my first letter to you, and it includes relief and silkscreen prints and patches and zines I’ve illustrated either solo or with in collaboration with many rad friends. I love your blog so, so, sooo much! ♥ Michelle”

Thanks Michelle for this gigantic generous load of five prints and six zines, wow totally overloading my ability to process them all. My favorite print is the multi-colored single pulled screen of the porpoise guy ass-stabbing the other with a sword, kittens, and some horse about to dig into that pizza-melon. I borrowed two of Michelle’s own photos from her stash over here of the prints, and you can also see images of her zines there. I’m just going to throw some stuff on the scanner now too and see if I can get a few shots to share. The zines included in this package are, Unicorn Whores and Dragon Slutz with short one-page stories/poems co-created by the drunk friends at, Mind Reader, Shivery Book, Sweaty Book by Michelle, and Oscillation drawn by Michelle with words by Ben Larson.

You should dig into Michelle’s world by visiting here at her new website,, scoping her blog, and visualizing her visuals.

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