Letter to Meathaus: Kendell Harbin

Letter to Meathaus: Kendell Harbin

Letter to Meathaus: Kendell Harbin

So I’m facing my fear, which is posting this box. I certainly enjoy digging through massive offerings to Meathaus, but then I am crippled with the dread of trying to somehow represent them in a few snapshots or scans that will fit on the blog. I first faced this box when I opened it cautiously at the front door. No white powder or explosive force met my face so I rummaged in. I was attacked by a VHS copy of Unbreakable and some Bazooka Joe wrappers. After I cleared away the garbage, I had in front of me quite a variety pack of visual material to investigate from three kind gentlemen (EDIT: gentlewoman? sorry.), Kendell Harbin, Frederick VB, and Randy Mozier, and a letter that reads:

“Deeeaaaaar Meathaus,
After a splendid breakfast of cornflakes + hashbrowns Frederick and I put together this package for you, and I must say it has been long overdue. I have been following your site for quite some time now + just recently purchased GO FOR THE GOLD! 4 + S.O.S. Your stuff had been an integral part of my not-so-well balanced breakfast, so consider this package a thanks of sorts… I’m actually very curious about what your incoming library must look like at this point. This is a compilation of pictures and zines from a few of my confidants Frederick VB + Randy Mozier, myself included. I hope you enjoy!
P.S. Our collection somehow duplicated a few films. Please consider a copy of this mediocre film to be a holiday bonus!
Best – Kendell

Kendell, thanks indeed for putting this box together. It’s always a pleasure to have a good breakfast. I was joking about the VHS garbage above, it just seemed snappier. But forget the VHS. Let’s look at this package. Frederick has sent some photos of some spray paintings up on boxcars and a hand assembled zine with silver metallic paint stenciled in and tissue paper glued in with some paintings and collaged shots of art and drawings. Randy produces Beef Stik and included issue 2 with a cover by him and Kendell, edited by Patrick Drake. Also included were some drawings and a print and a big binder clipped zine called Lose Ends of color pages of collages, paintings, drawings and photos of a lot of different things as the title suggests which I am pretty sure is by Kendell because there is a scan of a postcard addressed to him inside that Climbing Magazine sends to people who try the one issue free in the hopes that they will subscribe. So thanks for the box which I am adding to that Meathaus incoming library that you mention… I’ve been trying to think of ways new to share that in a new form too, online or off. But I can photograph the piles.

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