ArtificialDissemination2 @ PhantomHand

The second installment of “Artificial Dissemination: Propaganda to Popaganda” is an exhibition devoted to Propaganda Posters. Last year Masthead Print Studio hosted the first Artificial Dissemination: Dissent on Paper. If in an alternate universe a band of scruffy, beer-swilling artists were the resistance, fighting the tyrant regime of Kindle, Septa, and Homophobes, Artificial Dissemination would have been a fair cross-section of the posters wheat-pasted all over their city.Now the crew is at it again with their new space on South Street. This is the perfect venue for such a show. South Street was once the hub of culture in this city, with awesome record stores, skate shops, and all other kinds of weirdness. These days, it’s been almost entirely overrun by crappy corporate stores, meathead barhoppers, and pawn shops. Phantom Hand is working to take back South Street one show at a time. Artificial Dissemination’s social commentary in poster-form will range from political/social issues to jabs at celebrity and pop culture.

Opening is Friday, January 27 from 6 PM to Midnight, and will hang all month. Phantom Hand is located at 604 South Street in Philadelphia.

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