Letter to Meathaus: Detrocboi

Letter to Meathaus: Detrocboi
Letter to Meathaus: Detrocboi

Detrocboi sent a package over from Italy with a letter to Meathaus:

“Hello! I am a huge fan of Meathaus! Thru your wonderful website my brain feeds itself with imagination and inspirations, so thank you! I wanted to share with you and your followers my new comic booklet. Hope you’ll like it and its “psychedelic fantasy”! Find more at Keep up with the great work! Go Meathaus!! Cheers, Detrocboi”

Thanks indeed. I especially like the hand gun pictured above. That lady proceeds to blow her own head off clean at the neck and her head floats around completing her psychedelic mission. So as far as, keep coming back, thanks! The last month has been a little slow as far as posting here goes. Trying to work out a new meat/life balance. This is just the growing pains. This website has done more for me than I can even understand, so don’t worry it is valuable to me too, I wont be just dumping it. Like that stained t-shirt Liam bought in the children’s section at Village Thrift in high school: “Wine ’em Dine ’em 69 ’em/ Pump ’em and dump ’em.” I mean, I wont do that to the website.

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