Wendy Vanity Videos

Wendy Vanity Videos

Wendy Vanity is my favorite YouTube user because her videos make me laugh and enjoy life and her creativity. Although she hasn’t been using the Melody Assistant software to record vocal jams for her videos as much recently (too bad, they are good), her latest work still has me eager to see more every time she uploads something like MakeHuman in Carrara test.wmv, or the meditative happy sac. Previously posted about here. She notes on her video channel that someone complained a while back about “adult” content which prompted her to delete a bunch of her classics, which is a shame. But she also has a stash on Vimeo here with some of the removed material such as this jam which features a track I really like, “super supreme pizza with the lot”:

EDIT: I was wrong dig this recent upload with the melody assistant music:

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  1. She removed ‘3D House Tour’ or whatever it was called which had a genuinely, ‘hauntingly beautiful’ (to use an annoying trite expression) soundtrack. I have asked her to reupload it, to no avail. I think I’ll never hear it again

  2. I work as a DJ in Berlin. I open most of my sets with the soundtrack from her awesome “hair and boobs animation test” video. i was sad to see that she removed that one from her channel. fading in a 4/4 bass drum into that track works just so perfectly. I have played it in the early hours of the morning too many times to count, people seem to love it, too. it goes well with drugs.

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