Letter to Meathaus: Roman Muradov

Letter to Meathaus: Roman Muradov

Roman Muradov sent over his latest sketchbook and comics collections and a note that reads:

“Dear Meathaus, thanks for posting my stuff in the past. Here are some of my funnies.”

Yes, thanks Roman. We have posted the work here and here, but since then, Roman has really been filling out his website with new produce that has refined and refined again and is now undoubtedly the pure, good shit. Roman draws with a fast, brushy line especially in the sketchbook work, and then again tightens up just enough to draw his illustrations and comics with the same energy yet with fine control over the compositions and colors. The comics sent over are P/d Indigest, a collected form of improvised sketchbook comics that you can find more of on his website as P/d indigress. The short stories and scenarios feature a melancholy cat/rabbit-thing, who may be a drunk detective. The graphic b/w design of the character gives a nice Jason impression while the curly, decorative lettering and inks sometime give off the hint of Craig Thompson, while there is certainly some bright notes of Tove Jansson (especially called to the fore when you see Roman’s front page of his website)… all these are just impressions of some impressive work that is its “own thing” after all.

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