Letter to Meathaus: Domingo and Rothbart

Letter to Meathaus: Domingo and Rothbart

Meathaus received a package from Kassel, Germany with a zine, some stickers, postcards and a letter that reads:

“Dear Meathaus, We, Sheree Domingo and Kirsten Rothbart, are sending you the first issue of our zine PSH!! It comes with a silkscreen printed cover that can be unfold and used as a poster! It has 46 fully illustrated pages and this is one of the 40 copies we made. We both are illustration students from Kassel, Germany. We really like your blog and we hope to hear from you! Have fun with PSH! #1. Sheree + Kirsten

All right! Well check out how this silkscreened jacket unfolds into a poster, very nice. Thanks you for sending these items for the Meathaus’s attention. You can see a load of these works on Sheree and Kirsten‘s websites, linked here.

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