Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Mahannah

Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Mahannah

Meathaus’s inbox was recently stuffed with an envelope from Jeff Mahannah from Kalamazoo with some photocopied comics pages and a note that says:

“Hey Chris, Lookin’ to get this thing published! Thanx for reading. Get at me: (email address) —Jeff”

Well thanks Jeff for these comics. It is a funny short story, 13 pager, about some guy who has a man-sized rabbit in his washer that pays hard cash for stinky laundry, and is really appreciative too. Mr. Clean has a problem with the situation and inserts himself in the whole business. I’m making a few assumptions here based on the short note that Jeff would like this shared with you all and since I’m on a letter-posting rampage this one got swept right up along… ride the lightning, Jeff. I also made a big assumption that Jeff didn’t want a photo of his email address above so I pinked it out. Anyway I think I found you online Jeff, over here at this spot, so all you active comics publishers out there get in on the ground floor of this right here right now.

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