Letter to Meathaus: PB Kain

Letter to Meathaus: PB Kain

Meathaus received a package from PB Kain with a yellow t-shirt with a dripping Nancy head on it, two drawing zines called Daily Life and Peeling Glass, and an illuminated letter that reads:

“First heard of Meathaus after picking up S.O.S. I’ve been hooked on the blog & the artists ever since. So here’s some swag as a way of saying thanks —PB Kain”

Hey, glad you liked S.O.S. and thanks for the swag! But really, thanks for taking time to write this letter. It helps us meatbloggers get up in the morning, after a hard night of sleeping. And you know we are down for drawing zines any day of the week, being such sketchbook enthusiasts. See more PB Kain here.

But back to the swag. I’m glad you mentioned that because I’ve been thinking about LETTERS TO MEATHAUS and how it has all shaken out over the last year…

It has been just fine. This morning I typed a bunch of crazy stuff, edited it ten times and now have deleted most of it. Don’t worry, it was nonsense. I was having another one of those private conversations in my head typed out on the internet again. It was something about me worrying about some stuff that no one has ever expressed to me. So for those of you who are inspired to send a letter or something to Meathaus, looking good, as you were. Just don’t send anything dangerous or smelly, please.

Oh and a few people have started asking what the Letters to Meathaus library looks like these days since these things have been adding up. Well here it is and I’m thinking there’s something to be done with this stash in the future. Maybe a zine lending-library or something weirder:

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