Letter to Meathaus: William Cardini

Letter to Meathaus: William Cardini

Meathaus got a package from William Cardini with a comic book called VORTEX #1 and a note inside it that said:

“Meathaüs— Here’s the first part of my graphic novel VORTEX. I haven’t finished penciling it yet but It’ll probably end up being 3–4 issues. I hope you dig it. Keep up the badass blogging— you’re the source of 74% of my Flickr contacts. —William Cardini”

Well, that’s sweet, William. We do have some pretty swell Flickr favorites if you readers haven’t dug through them yet. In a sense as bloggers we are merely a channel of information, curating other people’s work, we are a conduit, a portal, a tube, an orifice, and we thank you for choosing to browse with us today because we know that you have so many orifices to chose from.

By the way this comic is the 2nd printing, “Extra Large Edition”, which I know will be appreciated when I am rereading it in 50 years, should I be so lucky. See more Cardini at the Hypercastle, and here.

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