Moo Luxe Business Cards

Moo Luxe Business Cards Packaging

So not too long ago, Moo and Meathaus gave away some business cards which was a win-win for everybody, except those who didn’t win. Moo recently came back calling and told me that they’d like to hook me up with some complementary examples of their new line of business cards, Moo Luxe. I said heck, sure, you know I love business cards. So let’s do this. So we did. This new line just launched this past week, and I got my new cards just today. The Luxe line has the same option as their regular cards, which they call “printfinity”. This means you can upload as much art as you want so that the back of your cards will each have a different design…or not if you just want one design. This is one of the main things differentiating Moo from their competition. Another thing has got to be the attention to detail in their packaging. Above, you’ll see the box the Moo Luxe cards arrived in. I had to get out my tools. I didn’t need them. There was one of those fake wax seal things on there. A ribbon. And so on.

Moo Luxe Business Cards

So the best part is definitely getting the multiple designs on the back. I enjoyed laying these out on the floor and looking at them. Not sure if I want to give them away. Anyway, it helps that I as I was ordering these I just happened to have been in the 30 or 40th day of my daily drawing routine so I had a new load of halfway decent images to upload for the backs of these cards. You could also use your favorite portfolio pieces or photos or different graphics, anything at all. They look and feel good. I’ll let their website do all the selling of their specific features, but one more notable thing is that these Luxe cards come with a colored stripe of paper down their centers. The printing looks very nice, there is a slight registration issue with my front colors, but the backs are spot on. Dig it.

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