Asger Carlsen Photography

Asger Carlsen Photography

The first Asger Carlsen‘s photo I saw was posted here and I knew I wanted to see more from the same artist. Asger Carlsen’s work includes even more photo-real, grotesque imaginary scenes often involving nudes or modified body parts, and some reappearing mutant characters. Briefly when checking out the “Hester” section of his portfolio I thought that this was the same artist that we had posted here a few years ago, but is is not. That artist, Benoît David takes a different approach to the same idea, as I wrote on the earlier post:

“Benoît David uses digitally manipulated photography to create humorous and repellant mutant structures out of the human form. The work is not fussy and precise like a glossy magazine’s photoshopped cover model, but more expressive and loose, sometimes incorporating drawing and multiple exposure effects.”

Asger Carlsen instead takes the glossy approach and modifies his images to precise magazine-quality grossness. Both artist’s work attracts and repels my attention at the same time. Asger Carlsen’s work also goes beyond just the humorous piles of mutated flesh and features a few reoccurring themes such as the wooden box and legs lower body and the strange man with double stacked eyes. These fictional mutants allow the viewer to indulge in staring, which is a natural reaction but socially unacceptable when involving any real-life disabled or disfigured person, or people of a drastically different shape or stature from what is “normal”. In the case of Asger Carlsen’s oddities, their differences are causing no consternation at all to the people around them and it is only the outside viewer and stranger that feels uneasy.

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