Meathaus Tweaks


Monday to ya. A few small tweaks around here are represented visually by the floating patties in the BG. I have convinced a handful of the Meathaüs Olde Guard to rejoin the fray and get to occasionally posting on here on the regular. A few reasons for this include:

  • It will be awesome
  • It will be nice to have the site be more of a group activity again since geographically we are so splintered now
  • I am changing my role from weekday primary poster to mainly being the Meathaus Weekend Warrior

As you can see this weekend there was a week’s worth of posting going on, so the post volume may be similar after all, just chunkier. And I’ve moved the post author up to the top of each post so you can get to know your poster posting personalities better. Oh, and there will be more site redesign tweaks to come, this was just the 30 minute update. Enjoy!

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