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Looking at the coming soon page over at Nobrow Press is a sure way to get excited about all the amazing things that can be done under the aegis of “comics.” From amazing panel-to-panel work like Louis Roskosch’s Leeroy & Popo and illustrated art objects like Ping Zhu’s Swan Lake. Good looking stuff.


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the post! Just wanted to clarify something. As you know we at Nobrow do not only publish comics, so we are not purporting that Swan Lake is a comic, it is in fact what we would classify as an Illustrated book. 🙂

Leeroy and Popo is, as you rightly say, a comic and it looks like one too!

Hope you’re all well.



Hey Alex, I guess I meant, with my clunky “under the aegis of comics” phrase, that the world of comics/illustrative art is broad and getting broader, and that you guys are doing fun things both traditional and nontraditional. Keep up the good works!

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