Rough Boam

Rough Boam

You know Meathaus is wild for drawing and crazy for sketches. I am a superfan of Jon Boam’s work, so I’m enthusiatic about getting a double dose now that Boam has decided to share his pencil drawings that haven’t been inked in his signature illustration style, as he describes it here:

“going to start posting some of my DB drawings here on flickr every now and then – it’s a more sketch booky pencil style of thing, DB – no inking up, I guess I’m looking to embrace and sometimes exaggerate mistakes here – feels like a good & natural thing to be doing but don’t worry I’m not ditching my other/normal way of image making.”

Maybe since then he’s also dedicated a blog just for these drawings. Also he’s got another for regular Boam, and another for things of interest to Boam.

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