SOLIPSIST by Andrew Thomas Huang

SOLIPSIST by Andrew Thomas Huang

Andrew Thomas Huang directed the short film “SOLIPSIST”. I saw a still on BOOOOOOOM! and immediately thought, oh is this a new Bjork video? Which of course isn’t fair, she can’t corner the market on all neat videos with a lot of unique practical effects and clever animation and make-up and so on. It turns out to be instead a mysterious three part exploration of some interesting things happening amongst different beings. First, two girls molder together into a pile of real and computer animated fabric, tubes, and tendrils until they are one giant crafty amoeba. Then, the sound design takes over a prominent space as we are treated to the mating rituals of a sea full of puppet-fishing-lure-type organisms. I kind of missed the relaxing tones of one of those NATURE show host’s voices during this part explaining what was going on, scientifically. Finally, two identical yarn bedazzled beachmen pass each other in the night before finally submitting to their destiny: to intermingle their face-sand until their heads explode. I’d like to take a moment here to tell my 9th grade English teacher that yes, I finally agree with you: everything is about sex. I think that’s what we leaned? Oh well.

Anyway I enjoyed the piece (embedded above), and as usual, I like the behind-the-scenes short just as much, or more:

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