Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Mahannah

Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Mahannah

If that window sill over there was an artery in my body and your Letters To Meathaus©®™ were a plaque build-up, well I’d be having a serious heart attack of interacting with you, dear readers. Let’s try to get through this together, one step at a time.

First of all, Meathaus received another package from Jeff Mahannah (previous one here) with a comics zine called Eat To Survive and a note that reads:

“Thanx for the killer write-up on your fine site a few weeks ago. You the man. –Jeff P.S. Sorry bout the shitty staple job on this one. Wow.”

Thanks again, Jeff. Lots of dirty yucks to be had while reading this one. Looks like Jeff has another new issue of Eat To Survive in the works, see more here.

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