Come Get Your Show

Regular Show drawings by Hilary Florido

This article by Shannon O’Leary over at Publishers Weekly notes the amount of independent comics creators that have recently been working on or are currently working on animated shows on Cartoon Network, specifically Adventure Time, Regular Show and The Problem Solverz. Above is a sketchbook storyboard drawing and below a few other drawings by Hilary Florido for Regular Show, who although not mentioned in the article is a published comics creator and has some comics on her blog and website, and is an example of an comics artist (2007 Cartooning BFA from SVA) hired by one of these shows.

Regular Show drawings by Hilary Florido

A few things about the article has got my brain tooting:

  • First, does the article point out a trend that network executives are aware of? Executives love trends. If so, then independent comics creators, it’s time to hop on that trend-gravy-train and go sell your cartoon show making loud noises all the way about your indie comics cred.
  • Second, what I love about the internet is the way that it is making possible for many of these new-to-the-scene comics and animation artists to work really hard, push out work that they love to make, publish it and broadcast it online and rapidly make connections with people working in entertainment and publishing in ways that were not possible before… and it seems get jobs doing creative visual work as almost a side effect. This is not necessarily everyone’s story who works on these shows, but when artists are doing great consistent work and showing it off online, it seems like good things come to the outstanding ones in short order. Maybe that would have happened anyway before The Internet. Outstanding work is outstanding. But now, these tubes have seriously lubed your chute to success.

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Hi! Hilary Florido IS mentioned in that article! Read it again, Meathaus pals. 🙂 Love, Shannon

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