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Following up on this post from last week about Shannon O’Leary’s article, there are now two more posts of small interviews with comics-centric cartoonists working on animation productions at Cartoon Network. Part one and part two. Most of them we post the heck out of here all the time and we publish a good handful of them so you’ll know these people. Above art is by Meathaus/Adventure Time man Thomas Herpich, of course.

The interviews are especially informative for you cartoon-professional-hopefuls out there because each describes the path that each cartoonist took to cartoon-job-possesion. Many of their job getting stories include luck and great timing, but also include heavy dollops of initiative taken, and a sprinkling of connection-having. But if those things are the frosting and jimmies on the job-getting, the cake remains in all cases the comics that these cartoonists were cranking out before-hand. The work that each were doing on their own was certainly the first and strongest indicator to the show’s creators that these candidates could do the job. Stories like these continue to lend credibility to often repeated motivational phrases: “Do what you love”. “Work hard, stay in school”. “Go gettim, tiger”. “Let’s do this.” “Party ’til you puke”.

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Your summary is well put. Especially the part about all the cliches everyone spouts being actually true. Any time anyone asks me for advice about breaking into the industry, the best I’ve got is to just concentrate on being the best you can be, and keep putting your stuff up on a blog. The industry is always starving for talented people, scouring the land etc. You just gotta be the jam when they come looking. And be willing to drop everything and move across the country…

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