Josh Carter Art

Josh Carter Art

The floodgates are opening. Letters to Meathaus are about to gush forth thanks to the efforts of one man, one man you should get to know, Josh Carter, Super Artist. Josh has picked up where I have left off months ago… processing through a short stack of Letters to Meathaus that deserve so much more than languishing on the windowsill. Josh has the posts prepped and ready, and that’s just one of the things he’s been helping out on around McD Workshop LLC over the past few days including book graphic design work. Josh works in video/animation and graphic design and is a new talent to keep your internet eyeball on, and maybe request some Mail Me Art from. And hire.

He is the “Josh” in the “Posted by Josh” you will see on each of the Letters that he has set up for me to write something stupid on. Thanks Josh!

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