Letter to Meathaus: Alex Schubert

Letter to Meathaus: Alex Schubert

I got my mealy beef hooks on an unbelievable blobby-man figure from the imagination of Alex Schubert and a note that reads:

“I thought you might like this. Thank you! –Alex Schubert”

Damn right I like it. And no, thank you! I don’t even tend to collect all those toy doo-dads that you see strewn all over cartoonist’s desks and shelves in the pictures and magazines. Just a sprinkling of novelty figurines have found their way into my life over the years. This Blobby Boy therefore joins this elite rank on the shelf next to the bald-cap and liquid latex, the OUCH! figurine designed by Ron Regé Jr., and two different sized Mr. Porkchops from the visionary meat-cartoonist, Angry Jim. Alex is building a Blobby Boys empire for himself, I can tell. Next thing I know my kids will be clamoring for the Blobby Boys Happy Meal until I yell KNOCK IT OFF WE HAVE FOOD AT HOME.

See more Alex on his blog, buy your blob here, and see previous letters to Meathaus here and here.


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