Letter to Meathaus: Jamie Hibdon

Letter to Meathaus: Jamie Hibdon

Meathaus received a package with two comics and some stickers and a mini poster and a letter that reads:

“You have been providing me with the most delectable art and comics for over five years , and I’ve never sent a letter. So, in honor of your indefatigable championing of the best stuff on (and off) the nets, I wanted to give you a first taste of my new comic, LF comics 2.1. Hope you enjoy the goodies, see you on the nets. –Jamie”

Thanks for the stash of comics, Jamie, this first book here is a 24-hour comic done mostly in 14 hours with plot details seeded by computer generation about an android apprentice and Nikola Tesla and some other stuff and there some kind of squirrel and Robocop looking roboman on these stickers. I think I found Jamie online here so check out more on this blog.


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[…] I’m going to have to dig through my pile to look for this smut. Anyway, thanks for sending over these comics Jamie. Hot Pursuit is described on the inside back cover as being completed mostly at a 24-hour comic making session hosted at a comic book store in which Jamie acted creepy in a dark corner, cloistering himself while drawing a sci-fi sex comic. Probably for the best. Star Seed has a cool black and white and purple cover and is about these lady space-rabbits that have to hatch their space eggs in a very specific, epic, way in accordance with ancient tradition. But some kind of nasty thing screwed their junk up and now this one is left to tell her story to this bearded dude who looks confused. Lots of ink flying all over the place in here. See more from Jamie on his Tumblr and blog. Oh and see Jamie’s previous letter here. […]

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