Letter to Meathaus: Mickey Z

Letter to Meathaus: Mickey Z

Holy shit, Mickey Z just sent Meathaus RAV6 and SAGARI. Her work just keeps getting better and better, I mean she’s drawing the craziest sheesh but the drawings are more confident and clearer than ever while still being just as wild, the color design and graphics are skilled and unrestrained and refined at the same time somehow and she is certainly a pro at these two color on color paper-stock prints now after cranking out hundreds of pages of these regularly released comics… Also RAV6 features a sexy scene that includes drawings of an abstract orgasm and a removable pyramidal erect nipple. With more stuff happening with Juice, August, and an unnamed kitten staying in the Meat Cave, this one’s a real crowd pleaser.

The first of her work she sent over is also indirectly the reason that I have two half broken digital duplicators in the basement haha. Should have just gotten one good one, right? Anyways…


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