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John Kilduff Paints Through Internet

John Kilduff Paintings

Meathaus favorite John Kilduff, painter, drink mixer, positive energy dispenser and exercise enthusiast had a live painting event this week at Little Berlin in Philadelphia. John wasn’t there, but instead was in Los Angeles making a cheesesteak, painting the cheesesteak, eating the cheesesteak, running 5K and painting portraits of fifteen people who were there via Skype simultaneously. Images courtesy of Mr. Let’s Paint himself. Here’s the facebook page if you prefer that kind of thing.

John will be doing fifty five-minute portraits in person at Smokey’s Tangle in Oakland, CA on June 1st!

John has been an inspiration for years, watch all these videos and you will know why. Bonus points for often getting Michael Q. Schmidt involved in the sessions, the man who will get naked for anything, anywhere, anytime. Here’s all the previous posts here.

Always remember, “Failare ‘IS’ an option!”:

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