Letter to Meathaus: Nick Edwards

Letter to Meathaus: Nick Edwards

Oh man GFTG!#4 contributor Nick Edwards sent Meathaus this sweet package with his debut comic book Dinopopolous published by Chalk Marks, “Blank Slate‘s new line allowing a large format space for new UK comic artists to produce their first commercial works.” There is also a few test prints in there called SKEEZ that are a collaboration between Nick and friends Jordan Pryke and Peter Sharp. The letter reads:

“Meathaus rules! Stay cool (and stay in school) Thanks, Nick Edwards”

Yes! Thanks for sending this black and white adventure with dinos and lizardmen and lots of passing through portals and one of those rooms that are full of gigantic pulsing insect egg sacks that you can see into about to hatch when disturbed, with the one mega monster bug or spider sitting there in the dark waiting to eat you. It’s nicely produced too, with sturdy thick paper and a bonus cover design underneath the fancy dust jacket of this staple-bound comic. Bonus-bonus: There’s one of those full page spread underground cutaway illustrations of action progressing through a tunnel with farting spiders and sandwich breaks.


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