Alex Gorodskoy Art

Alex Gorodskoy Art

I’ll look at hundreds of websites over the months and occasionally one will stab me in the eyes with new excitements. Alex Gorodskoy‘s art is that art but what looks like my favorite page on his website, the sketches and experiments page was hard to navigate because of Cargo’s design having a slideshow at the top with different height images and the thumbnails below, so if you are like me and don’t care to wait for a slideshow and want to click the thumbnails (and there are hundreds to look at), you get frustrated because when you go to click on one it moves away and if you are also like me you have turned on your computer preparing to work and opened a buttload of Creative Suite programs and your computer can’t handle sliding those hundreds of thumbnails up and down smoothly every two seconds without being a bit choppy. Anyway these are my problems but man did I want to click on some of those thumbnails. Fortunately there was another page on the site with sensational drawings on it from which I chose most of the above work. See more Alex on his blog, which of course appears to have a load of the images that I wanted to click on the other thing, so yeah, that’s where you should go for the sketches.

EDIT: Alex changed the auto-slideshow setting on the sketches page so it wont move the thumbnails up and down while you are trying to click stuff, yeah!

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holy balls! it’s been a loooong-time dream of mine to be on meathaus! sorry about my cargo settings. (i switched off the auto slideshow). thanks so much Chris!

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