Letter to Meathaus: 1RODHWY


Meathaus got this package from 1RODHWY and a letter that says:

“To whom it may concern:
This is the first communication from 1RODHWY.
Find enclosed subversive materials for your review.
We advise you to keep them out of the hands of counterinsurgents and infiltrators to your organization.
We appreciate criticism and gestures of solidarity. Also, gifts.”

Thanks for Seething With Hatred, Cigghartha, The Young Dissenter’s Handbook and Dog’s Minds in Asphalt, these are fun to read because they are about a lot of filthy insane people which make for great reading, especially Seething With Hatred for its stories of a guy who works as a clerk for an apartment management corporation. Be sure to check out the 1RODHWY crew at additional sites: Seething With Hatred, The Young Dissenter’s Handbook and Dog’s Minds in Asphalt, plus a 1RODHYW tumblr.


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