Noah Z. Jones Art

Noah Z. Jones Art

My pal Amid over at Cartoon Brew heavily critiqued Noah Z. Jones’s Seven Dwarf re-designs for some toddler show which is bad for feelings but good for some early morning comment-argument-reading, which is always a great way to start the day, (unless it’s about you). Anyway while I don’t love the dwarf designs much from what I can see from one character line-up, I don’t hate them with the pure energy of ten-thousand tornados and I wanted to check into Noah’s website to see what else is up. When I got there I found these totally fun drawings and a handful more, so I thought I’d highlight them here since Amid’s assessment of the artist’s abilities was… harsh. I want to point out that I would post these here anyway if I had found them another way (in other words: this is no pity-post, it’s a check out these fun cartoon drawings post (I type as if posting anything here has any effect on anybody anywhere anyway haha)).

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