Letter to Meathaus: James Heimer

James Heimer

Man I love James’s inky stylings, check out this postcard James Heimer sent over from just a handful of Philly neighborhoods away. Get deep into some Heimer work over at his website and blog. Damn if that isn’t the coolest personal logo I’ve seen (see the blog header for closeup).

Oh yeah, the note reads of course:

“Go for the gold!”


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[…] Thanks James! And thanks Ryan Crawford and Eric Margolis who wrote this jamson. This is issue one where two dudes are at a bar with a bunch of people behind them who are bringing them down with conversations about shallow, pointless, pop-culture products and then one-eyed future-David Yow from the year 2019 appears and recruits them to murder the Red Hot Chili Peppers and get on board to murder all other producers of “bad art” throughout history. Looking forward to reading more, and you can get yours at See Previous letters from James here and here. […]

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