Alaska Photos

Alaska Photos

So I was in Alaska for a bit with a solid crew to celebrate a wedding and otherwise to experience some new things. Do any Alaskans read this blog or our Meathaus books? Maybe if you are here on this blog you could tell me more about this guy in the top photo. I was watching the public access channel and only caught the last few minutes of his motivational messages which I didn’t understand, but I could tell that he had something to say, and a TV show to do it on, and some cool lights and cones and a vest. Also here is a photo of the bear warning on the trail of the 3rd hike we did and a marker for some guy who died up there in 1940. What was he doing up there in February? I’ll take a sweet Alaskan summer day up on Crow Pass over being there in the winter, I don’t need to experience any of that business.

Here I’ll try embedding a map, because why not?

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