Letter to Meathaus: Silent Army

Silent Army Collective

Letter to Meathaus: Silent Army

Meathaus got this package from Melbourne, Australia from Silent Army and a note that reads:

“Re–Dailies #1
We met years ago at a T.C.A.F. {you rock!} →Please enjoy this anthology and feel free to promote, review, or just leave in a pile with others… MPF.←”

Thanks MFP, how about I enjoy it and then leave it in a pile with the others? Check out the handful of images from this comics paper above, some Josh picked out and some I grabbed. These don’t even represent a quarter of the different artists in this collective publication. See the Silent Army Comic Collective for further information. The cover and center spread are full color and the rest of the interiors are one or two colors on newsprint which makes for some fine newspapery feelings. Oh and MFP you met one of our other Meathaus peoples at T.C.A.F. (I don’t get out much) and while I don’t know which one you met, I do agree that they undoubtedly rock.


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