Letter to Sasquatch: Turner & Sisco

Letter to Sasquatch: Turner & Sisco

I thought this was pretty cool getting some more drawings sent to me from people out in the wild that are using my book Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book. It’s been a little less than a year since it has been published by Chronicle Books, (and edited by Meathaus’s own Jay “Sasquatch” Sacher) but I’m still happy to hear it is on shelves out in real stores. Here’s the email:

“Hello, my name is Brooklynd Turner. My friend Cadence Sisco and I bought your book at Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis. We strongly believe that you are us in successful grown man form. Please accept these drawings.”

I admit to the grown man bit. Thanks for the drawings Brooklynd and Cadence! I’ve been meaning to remind everyone on Meathaus that they should own ten copies of my book and give ten more as gifts this year, so your drawings reminded me to do that. If you didn’t get enough of it last year, here again is my trailer for the book and my pal Jenny Drumgoole‘s oily multi-faceted commercial she made for it on commission:

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