Letter to Meathaus: Brandon Elijah Johnson

Letter to Meathaus: Brandon Elijah Johnson

Meathaus got a package with a zine, a pin, a sticker, an illustrated lava lamp and a letter that reads:

“Deer Meat House,
Your website is the bees knees! It makes me smile until my face hurts. In this package you will find some things that I made. I hope they make you smile until your face hurts. Brandon Elijah Johnson”

Hey cool, thanks Brandon for the book and illustrated letter. I’m glad you like the website, you might have noticed this but this site runs deep, back years, thousands of posts, most of them pretty solid! So much art to look at. Brandon’s zine is all about illustrated experiments, little illustrated icons and drawn type, with a couple shown off above. See more Brandon and more of the zine over here.

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your website is the bee knees. i remember one time i asked you guys to post more a long time ago and you totally did and it makes me really happy. thanks yous guys fors thes awesomes posts

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