Letter to Meathaus: Inés Estrada

Letter to Meathaus: Inés Estrada

Inés Estrada sent up a package from Cafe con Leche with her new book Ojitos Borrosos and some sweet-ass stickers and a note that reads:

“I hope you like my new book… I also send you some stickers for yr kids (or if they’r too scary you can keep ’em) ♥Inés”

Yow! Thanks Inés, these stickers will be awesome on the cover of my son’s sketchbook. The book is really fine work. It is a 160 page solo anthology with b/w interior with a handful of short and medium stories and a variety of comics drawn in pencils, ink, pens and possibly a page with digital line art. It includes some diary comics, a story about magic testicles, and another one where a girl’s boyfriend’s head swaps with the dog and no one cares, but they sort of have some relationship problems for other reasons until they melt together into a blob that some ants eat. You’ve got to check out more Inés at inechi and see what she’s up to with Roi at Cafe con Leche.

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