Letter to Meathaus: Cole Pauls

Letter to Meathaus: Cole Pauls

Cole Pauls sent Meathaus a package from the Yukon with two original prints, two Zine Train mini zines, and Astral Projection Comix #3 and a letter that reads:

“Yo Meathaus! I love everything you guys do! I thought I’d mail you my zines inspired by your anthologies and creators to show that love! The Zine Train is a art zine I edited with my foundation year classmates here in the Yukon. I was chatting with one student about James Jean & Brandon Graham and I introduced him to your books & he said, ‘we should do this too!’ I edited & published two issues (one for each semester) getting 17 (including me) artists (classmates) to submit 3 pieces each! The 2nd has 18 artists contributing 3 more pieces. The other comic is my solo project, which I rip off Tales From the Crypt. Currently I am thumbnailing the 4th Astral Projection Comix issue. I hope you enjoy what you’ve been influencing!! XOX♥
Love, Cole Pauls
P.S. – I love Unfiltered & used it for a presentation this past semester for info. I got to educate my class on one of my heroes with the help of your rad book!”

Hey thanks for the love and for sending these books and letter, Cole. It’s good to hear about people experiencing and enjoying new things and knowing that our efforts played a part. Cool too, your words on Unfiltered (the art book about director/artist Ralph Bakshi that I designed and co-researched with the writing duties performed primarily by my project partner, author Jon M. Gibson of “I am 8-Bit” fame). Check out Cole’s blog over here for more.

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