Letter to Meathaus: Curtis Tinsley

Curtis Tinsley

Curtis Tinsley sent Meathaus this package with two comics, Sand Level #01 and Ice Map No. One and an illustrated letter that reads:

“Hey Meathaus,
The last time we spoke I wasn’t up to very much, a handful of drawings and the first few pages of a comic, and I was honored to be on the site! I wanted to send you something new (and finished). I’ve got more junk on my site now too. Keep up the great work.

All right, thanks for these fun comics Curtis. I’m especially into this meat house you drew. Ice Map is a full color comic, staple bound, what is this laser print? It’s nice and neat. The second half is painted in a full color spectrum while the first half is blue-purple ink on a yellow paper texture. The second half has some kind of stone golem which is awakened by these bad dudes who want to use it but it only offers it’s cool guardian hole to the one good guy to enter. See more of Curtis’s art and comics on his website, here, and this previous post.


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