Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Pastorek

Jeff Pastorek

Jeff Pastorek sent Meathaus a package from New Orleans with Quick! Pretend Like You’re Reading, a magnet, a blacked out bribe dollar and a letter that reads:

“New Orleans to Philadelphia via air and ground transport. Look, it’s not easy to write (Josh/Chris/Rob/Jim/Jason/Mu/Thomas) I got stung by a caterpillar on the palm of my writing hand when I was weeding the garden (sincerely). Here is a bribe-dollar (black). Enjoy. Please tell the world about my book. I don’t know what my audience is besides my beloved friends in New Orleans. Maybe you can tell me.

p.s. me”

Thanks Jeff, that’s some serious ink on that dollar. What is this, India, Sumi? And thanks for the book. This volume has a mixture of of writing and images, some hand-lettered bits, some diagrams, a painting of Prince and Morrissey, some horses, it’s a book about reading and pretending to read the book as much as it isn’t. Audience? I don’t know much about audiences except that apparently I’m typing these words and someone is reading them RIGHT NOW. That’s about as much as I can fathom. Oh and the book made it up here from New Orleans just fine. I was in New Orleans once playing a show in some bar that was also a laundromat. Is that common there, or is that THE bar that is also a laundromat?

See Jeff’s website here for more work.


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There’s a bar in Kent, Ohio that is also a laundromat. Or rather, it was a laundromat that had a bar in it…

This book seems pretty funny, the writing style kind of reminds me of Benrik of “This Book Will Change Your Life” fame.

Cool, I think that’s a good business model. Add a bar to any business you have to sit around doing a chore that makes you want to drink… and that requires you to sit and wait an hour or two.

Awesome, thanks for posting, guys. I’m stoked. Yeah, there are a couple of bar/laundromats in New Orleans. That was probably the Buddha Belly, which is right by my house, and incidentally right across the street from Trent Reznor’s (former) studio where “The Downward Spiral” was recorded (if you like 90s Industrial music history).

I remembered where it was! After you wrote Buddha Belly, I remembered that wasn’t it, then I recalled in fact we played at Igor’s Checkpoint Charlie! They gave us some rice and beans too, I liked that place. But crud… that was 14 years ago… wow.

Could’nt help myself. The Buddha Belly is across the street from Trent Reznor’s(former) Nothing Studios. However, The Downward Spiral was not recorded there. That album was recorded in Sharon Tate’s house in California,where the Manson murders took place in 69. The only NIN album recorded in New Orleans was 1999’s The Fraglie. According to Trent, he emptied out The Buddha Belly one night and brought everyone across the street to sing the backing vocals for the song Starfuckers Inc. Also, Marilyn Manson’s Anti-Christ Superstar was recorded there a couple years prior. Whew! Now I can go on with my day.

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