Lenny’s Summer Job

Lenny's Summer Job

Everywhere but on Meathaus (and my personal websites for some reason) I have been posting daily comics from my sketchbook that are part of this ongoing story, Lenny’s Summer Job, Chapter 1. If you were wondering what those pages were or looking for a place where they were actually in order, I put them here too with some background info. I have been posting a page daily at most, with occasional chunks of no updates during which I am penciling a buffer of new pages. So it is a bit slow developing. Maybe check back every few months to get a good eyeful all at once. The characters haven’t even been able to interact yet some 20-30 pages in, oof. So what is the best way to show off comics online anyway? One of those webcomic plugin/themes for WordPress? Just a slideshow type interface? Or a big-ass vertical stack?

EDIT: Since I just posted this up here and had one more page in my pencil buffer, and have now executed it, I’ll slap it here:
Lenny's Summer Job

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I prefer the big-ass vertical stack but not everyone feels that way. Check out how they do it on the Destructor site, I think it’s pretty dope:

They post individual pages, then collect those as stories which are listed on a separate page. You can click the stories to get a big-ass vertical scroll. You could make each chapter its own page that has a scroll on it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sea taxi. He looks alot like Stimpy, and it feels good. Keep it up, ya doof!

Thanks Cody, yeah the character designs are as rough as the line art and pencils at this point, plenty of room to tighten up later in different directions (I don’t want the design to be too similar to other characters naturally), but not something I’m worrying a lot about right now, just trying to draw what’s in my head character/situation-wise and have fun and doing it all in my sketchbook reminds me to do just that.

Thanks Curtis, yeah I’ve got this whole story to do and so there is more to come, in a kind of chunk-style pace… I’m off to pencil some more now.

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