PCS Book 3

The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society just printed our 3rd anthology. The PCS has been around for 15 years. The initial club was started by Andrew Hart, Jeffro Kilpatrick, and Chrissie Currier, and now has over 100 members on their distribution list. About 30 are active in local charity projects and art shows. 20 members contributed to this 3rd anthology, which was dedicated to their friend Megan Miller. The anthology not only showcases the work of longtime members, but younger, newer additions to the group as well. It’s a wild mix, a true reflection of what a diverse assembly this ragtag group of cartoonists and illustrators has evolved into. Here is a small sampling of the work in PCS Book 3…

Rog Petersen:

Meg Dunn:

Sam Heimer:

Melissa Lomax:

Christian “Patch” Patchell:

You can purchase a copy of PCS Book 3 by going to Patch’s page HERE.

You can visit the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society’s website by going HERE.

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I bought this jimmy and am going to read it. It looks very handsome. And look there is Meg’s “Kitty Bobo” I think that’s what it is called. She made that into a animated cartoon pilot once about cell phones.

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