LeSean Thomas Art

LeSean Thomas Art

LeSean Thomas, Farel, Brandon and I met when we all worked making web cartoons at this doomed NYC internet bubble company, Urban Box Office. Farel and I were friends from school and he brought me in there and I think Brandon and LeSean met while Brandon was doing what he does best, sitting for 10 hours straight in some coffee shop drawing comics, and LeSean got him to come in for a job. That place was hilarious because they had hundreds of people staffed up on all these computers to just make a few half-broken lifestyle websites I think… hard to remember now. But the four of us were on teams that made weekly web cartoons. I was only in there for a few sweet months before they rented Ellis Island for a party one weekend and then laid off everyone the following week. Anyway, LeSean has been doing tons of work since then, traveling the world working in studios everywhere. Check out his website where I grabbed these sketches from and there is more stuff over here.

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Thanks for sharing that story Chris. I admire the works of LeSean Thomas and truly believe that he is paving the way for other self taught artists, directors and animators with passion.

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