Letter to Meathaus: Jack Teagle

Letter to Meathaus: Jack Teagle

Jack Teagle sent Meathaus a package from a farm in Cornwall with two issues of his comic book in it and a letter that reads:

“Hey Meathaus, After painting and developing my world of wrestlers for a few years Nobrow Press have released my comic series Fight! I’ve sent you the complete story. I hope you enjoy it! Best wishes, Jack Teagle”

Awesome, thanks for sending over these handsome books, Jack! Nobrow strictly puts out solid work and these fit right in. I especially like the different approaches to comics publishing they are taking, making sub-projects like Serial Box part of their direction (see the above image for a description from the back of issue #1). Fight! issues one and two are the complete story of Lou, the red devil-horned dude who lives with his mum and professionally wrestles, always cast as the villain. He wants to make some changes and kick some ass. See more Teagle on his website, blog, and sketch blog.

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