Letter to Meathaus: Will Hunt

Letter to Meathaus: Will Hunt

Will Hunt sent a zine that filled up the envelope with this good thick ink smell and a letter to Meathaus:

“Dear Meathaus, This is my first attempt at a zine. It contains poems and linocuts. If you check out my blog there are essays about comics there. Thanks for your time. Thanks, Will Hunt”

Thanks Will, keep making zines! What else is there to do, anyway? I’m enjoying these prints and reading your poems. Check out more Will Hunt work on his blog.

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You have always been amazing willis ,from the moment we met I have always been able to see your beauty.I love and miss you always. I hope someday we will find our way back to each other ,and if not at least now I can get lost in your words. Good to see you getting some props….

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