Letter to Meathaus: Inklings

Letter to Meathaus: Inklings

The person who created or runs Inklings sent Meathaus a letter along with some samples of their temporary tattoos a while ago and unfortunately I seem to have lost it here in the piles. You can imagine it though, it was a pleasant note to check out their new temporary tattoo product, along those lines. Maybe this has also taken me a while to post because this item has me sort of puzzled.

The product is a temporary tattoo. It is a high quality, non-toxic vegetable based ink, made in USA, and works great. They come in thoughtfully packaged envelopes and when you get a set there is also a postcard with related artwork and I think (according to their website) a second copy of each tattoo you order.

The designs come in two pretty awesome varieties of classic and modern/abstract and blow away any other temporary tattoo designs out there which tend to be of dinosaurs, hearts, pumpkins and Cars characters (in my recent dadsperience). The designs so far appear to be by Lomaho Kretzman, Courtney Price and Daniel Guerrero Fernández.

One night I put them all on my four year old including the non-Inklings hearts/dino/Cars ones and and sent him to nursery school the next day with two sleeves and a chest piece of tongue-wagging demons. I have standards, so he didn’t get to wear the knife-stabbed goblin head. That really showed the wife for working late. They lasted all week, maybe longer including their slow peel-off phase. You can always remove temporary tattoos all at once though with some rubbing alcohol.

Anyway the bit that puzzles me the most I guess is the marketing on the website. Inklings seems to be steering these all towards an adult market based on their copy and hip adult models chillin’ out on the street with their temp tats. They are in a better position to know whether this adult market for their products exists, but I can’t envision it. This might be a case in which they are trying to create a market which didn’t exist before. Maybe you want it after all?

To me it seems their best bet would be to just go full-on kids focused which is the group that currently wears temporary tattoos and just be the source of the awesomest temporary tattoos to scandalize your teacher and impress your grade school and younger friends. Ratchet up a few gross notches (think Garbage Pal Kids, Ren and Stimpy) and ratchet down a few occult/violence notches and there you are. The ultimate birthday party favor bag stuffer.

EDIT: Apparently there are other people out there doing this sort of thing too, so perhaps I should tell myself to ‘get a clue, ya douche’.

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