Glen’s Photos

Glen's Photos

Surfing some tumblr while listening to the latest Music for Programmings at 6 AM, my eyeball was caught on the top photo of a relaxing morning with breakfast in bed. Following this magical scene to its source I found Glen H’s photo sets and saw that he has other collections that I really can get into like these recipe book photos that include this cabbage holder (below), cutaway illustrations, and cars from the past-future which I still don’t understand why we aren’t driving today. Back when I had “time” to “pursue” my “interests” I scored some sweet stacks of old magazines off of ebay and loved to look at disgusting pictures of food in the ads. If the color printing was slightly off-register, all the better. This is the perfect time to remind you of a featured item in my library, Basic Microwaving which has some exceptionally realistic images of what happens if you try to cook with a microwave in 1978.

Glen's Photos

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