Letter to Meathaus: Jordan Speer

Letter to Meathaus: Jordan Speer

Jordan Speer sent over a zine and a letter to Meathaus that reads:

“Here is a little zine thing I made. I was mailing a bunch of them out + figured I’d send you a copy. Thanks for running my stuff on Meathaus!! Jordan”

Yes thanks for the zine! It is a pleasure posting about your work Jordan. As you can see from the above views of the zine, Clearance Catalogue 1, it is a clearance catalogue of action figure toys and their packaging in which you get an isometric perspective on a 3D modeled front and a flat view of the illustrated back of the packaging with added jokes and drawings. Also inside are Sister Shrimp, Subdimensional Hypernudes, The Angry Angry Orb Wrangler, Tiny Holy Terrors, X2Cop, and the Dead God of the Old Path. This zine feels similar to reading a product parody spread in MAD Magazine in all the good ways. Like my favorite MAD parody product joke, the E.T. ham. Which I couldn’t find a picture of. But Jordan’s products are all original. (Above image was scanned and put together by Zac who came to the Workshop to help out for a couple days.)

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