Letter to Meathaus: William Cardini

Letter to Meathaus: William Cardini

William Cardini sent Meathaus over Vortex #3 and a two color print and a letter that reads:

“Yo Meathaus,
Here’s the latest Vortex, I hope you dig it. It’s probably the penultimate issue. The next one comes out in the spring. Anyway thanks for posting the previous issues. Keep up the good work! –Willy C.
P.S. the print is from a risograph that my buddy let me try out. We think it has the mess ups smudges because it needs to be cleaned.”

Thanks Willy C.! I know I said it looks like you fill you line art with Mac Paint patterns from 1986 last time, but that couldn’t possibly be what you are actually using, right? Cool. The line art looks smooth and digital so I’m guessing maybe Illustrator with special black and white pattern fills? check out more at the Hypercastle.

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You’re guess on my process is close – I use MangaStudio to do all the linework. Then I do all the fills with custom patterns that I create in Photoshop. I’m definitely going for that Mac Paint aesthetic though.

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