Letter to Meathaus: Joseph Veazey

Letter to Meathaus: Joseph Veazey

Joseph Veazey sent a package to Meathaus with a zine and a letter in it that says:

“My name is Joseph Veazy, I am an artist and graphic designer from Brooklyn, NY, I am a big fan of Meathaus. I’m always finding awesome stuff on it.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself, say how much I like you guys, and share a zine I made, hope you like it! I would be more than honored if you would feature it on the site.”

Yes well thanks first of all and second of all considered your self honored because here is this bad boy right on the site, BOOM. And it is a fine piece of drawing work. Each spread has complex designs apparently drawn in ink on paper, many of them almost symmetrical while still being produced by hand. Some of them evoke strange machines, exploded kachina dolls, galaxies, meteor fields, and close up views of plant cellular structures. Of course I also scanned the spread that looks like cool monster faces. You can find more from Joseph on his website.

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